Here’s hoping to capture some of the highlights of the new iPad 7, streaming Apple SPECIAL at 9/11 (10 AM, 9/10).

*The image of the article is a capture of what was delivered by Apple.


Introducing the Seventh Generation iPad


10.2 inch display with 3.5 million pixels
The previous generation was 9.7 inches, but now it’s larger and has higher resolution.
Faster than laptops with new chips
According to the event, it’s twice as powerful as the most popular laptop in the United States.
The body is made of recycled aluminum.
The environmentally conscious design also appears on the body. The body of recycled aluminum seems to be well designed.

Introducing the iPad OS

Along with the new generation of design, the OS was also explained.


Adjust your home screen and switch desktop space
It’s easier to use than ever, and the clean home screen is a great replacement for your laptop.
Now you can multitask two applications at the same time.
Smart Keyboard and Apple Pen Support
It supports Smart Keyboard and Apple Pen as accessories.
It’s more like a PC, and with more applications than ever, the Apple Pen will be more useful.
Easily move photos to external storage

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It costs $329! You can buy from 30,000 yen!


The new iPad will go on sale 9/30 of the time.

We were pleased to announce that it will be priced at $329 ($299 for education). Also, if you buy an iPad now, it comes with one-year support for Apple TV +.