Here’s a look at streaming Apple SPECIAL events on the new iPhone at 9/11 (10 AM, 9/10).

*The image of the article is a capture of what was delivered by Apple.


iPhone 11 Video Introduces 4K Support

iPhone11 ボディカラー
  • 6 body colors
  • Dual camera system with 6.1 ” display.
  • It’s an autofocus, 120 degree ultra-wide-angle camera.
  • The camera has multiple layers to give you a wide view even in portrait mode.
  • Video can be shot at 4K at 60 fps.
  • 4K shooting is possible with the front camera (selfie camera). (30 fps)

iPhone 11 Performance

iPhone11 CPUPerformance

Equipped with the latest chip of A 13. It has a more powerful CPU than the iPhone XR A 12. It was advertised as the best performance among existing smartphones.


Next, the GPU has achieved a performance unlike any other smartphone.


Battery performance is 1 hour longer than iPhone XR.


am 3: 09 iPhone 11 Pro Max is coming!


There are 4 body colors.

Pro 5.8/Pro MaX 6.8 inch OLED display

The A 13 chip is faster than previous CPUs.

iPhone11Pro-Battery iPhone11ProMax-Battery

Both of these models will have longer battery life than the previous generation, with Pro 4 hours and Pro MaX 5 hours.

The Pro has a triple camera, while the Basic has a dual.

Prices Announced for Previous Generation Models


The price of iPhone 8 and iPhone XR was announced at this event. (All of the tables below are for 64 GB models.)

iPhone8 $449
iPhoneⅩR $599
iPhone 11 $699
iPhone 11 Pro $999
iPhone 11 Pro Max $1099